Edinburgh SEO agency

In the ten years I have been working in the industry SEO has changed a lot. A lot of this is down to how sophisticated Google has become – Google’s algorithms have become adept at weeding out the chaff and propelling the wheat to Page 1.

To extend the metaphor, I will make your website from the purest high grade wheat to ensure it coasts to the top of Google’s search rankings with ease.

I use state of the art SEO plug-ins to ensure your website is fully optimized for all major search engines. Nowadays SEO and copywriting are more intricately entwined than ever before. It isn’t enough to stuff your site with keywords in a futile effort to spam your way to the top – that kind of old school blackhat SEO simply no longer cuts the mustard and will in fact actively harm the ranking of your site.

To learn more about how SEO has evolved and how I can help your site be as Google-friendly as possible, please get in touch.